Sunday 28th August 2016

Xue Tao

Xue Tao’s is a Chinese artist, they are in response to the constant barrage of information and the rapid social changes that young people are experiencing. His works are archives of sorts, where by using newspaper as his main source of material he aspire’s to record and freeze a moment in time. Aside from this the handicraft of his technique and his choice of material contrasts greatly with the internet and television media that has characterized our age. This contradiction reflects the struggle to make sense of the contemporary world in which we live – a huge struggle that is present in China today, with the country’s dramatic modernisation.

In China traditionally within the world of art & design the material of choice is of a great importance, it would have originally been either jade or gold. However Xue Tao plays with this meaning – creating new sculptures and objects that have a new context of meaning and value, even though the material is simply paper. Consequently he is challenging the objective and perspective of value within Chinese society.


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