Tuesday 30th August 2016

Xu Maomao’s 2D World

Xu Maomao’s mother – a Art Teacher, set her on her path to painting. Xu Maomao see’s painting as a way to relax, when she is working on a painting, there is little preparation, no sketches – just a blank canvas and thereafter allows the canvas and painting to lead her into a world of its own. She relies heavily on her instinct.

Xu Maomao’s use of colour, and method of blocking results in a very two-dimensional style yet avoids any heaviness. Her work is inspired by everyday encounters, the little moments, a song, a conversation with a friend or perhaps a book – like The Family of Joesph Berk. Xu Maomao wants to evoke happiness through her work, although she tries to paint beautiful things, but life today is complicated and full of pressures and sometimes her paintings become a cartoon shell that bundles worries and grief. Nevertheless, they are youthful and colourful and when she is not painting she can be found cleaning, her ultimate hobby.

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