Monday 21st August 2017

Underwater Sculptures : Jason de Caire Taylor

I’m sure many of you have seen these underwater sculptures or read some press about them. Nevertheless I feel that they still deserve a post. Artist Jason de Caire Taylor creates these underwater sculptures and has exhibitions in different underwater locations across the globe. Taylor considers himself to be an eco-sculpture who creates new living objects as the art creates and evolves new life in its life underwater.

His work is always site-specific and they are all permanent installations. They are designed to act as artificial reefs, encouraging coral to grow and most importantly diverting tourists from existing yet fragile coral reefs. Taylor’s sculptures—a synthesis of art and science—are made with carefully researched environmentally-friendly materials which actively promote coral growth. Amazingly only only 8% of our oceans are shallow sea yet these sections contain most of the marine life on planet earth. I am so happy to see that art and science can have such a wonderful impact and effect on our oceans, I love the concept that art can save our coral reefs!

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  1. This is absolutely amazing!! I also love that art and science can find common ground… When they do, I think it can be both beautiful and beneficial, as this project shows. Thanks for this bit of inspiration and beautiful pictures!

    Comment by Timothy Parent — April 21, 2012 #

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