Monday 21st August 2017

The blur line

I recently met the passionate Albane here in Shanghai. This is Albane’s first contribution to Neon Cactus and I think it is very clear from her writing how passionate she is about art and design. I hope you all enjoy!

Where to draw the line between art, design and craftsmanship?

François Xavier Lalanne is one of those people who contributed to blur the line, claiming that artworks needed to be useful… sometimes. His animal inspired sculptures and installations often took the shape of a bench, a carpet or a desk. François-Xavier Lalanne’s unclassifiable work disturbed his contemporaries. He wrote a beautiful manifesto questioning the difference between art and craftsmanship for the exhibition “Artiste/Artisans?” held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 1977. Admired by Yves Saint Laurent, Salvador Dali or the famous collectors de Noailles, he has been celebrated internationally before gaining the recognition he deserved in his home country. Finally in 2010, his first Paris retrospective held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs cast a beautiful light on his work and that of his wife, Claude.

Because he wasn’t afraid to mix influences, François-Xavier Lalanne created an inspiring and poetic world of his own. Who cares whether it is art, design or craftsmanship?

If you are tempted by a trip across the French countryside, you can admire his work along with that of Nikkie de Saint Phalle, Arman, and Claude Lalanne at the Château de Sédières until September 16th. See also the beautiful catalog of their 2010 exhibition, “Les Lalanne”.

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