Wednesday 24th August 2016

The Graduation

This project was completed by Karl Normanton and Ian Laurance as part of their Masters programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, even though they were a few years above me our lives eventually overlapped. Today I am sharing with you their project which they produced in their final year, titled ‘The Graduation’!

‘The graduation’ is a complex and subtle series of projects that explored the relationship between Architecture and Performance. Think of the Bauhaus performances put on by Oscar Schlemmer. Drawings, maquettes, film and full sized installations including gigantic costumes are used to see how far objects can tell a story and define the character of a space. The site of ‘the graduation’ was the main quadrangle of the UCL where formal annual graduations take place.  Parallel research also examined issues of lightweight fabrication, body attachment and the psychological and physiological aspects of prosthetics.

7 characters were created which represented aspects of each UCL faculty. Four of them were built full size and were then used by performance artists to describe the most inevitable movements implicit in the objects. This led to a final performance piece. The project won a number of prizes and was exhibited at the Architecture Foundation in London.




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