Thursday 29th June 2017

Tang Ting

Tang Ting, a successful photographer and friend here in China has worked on numerous commercial shoots as well as private work. Despite an early interest in Fine Art Tang Ting studied Management Systems due to parental pressure. It was only later that he stumbled upon  a love and talent for photography and he is now highly respected amongst his counterparts.

As a young photographer, Tang Ting’s work gives us an insider’s look into today’s youth culture and its struggles. He is all about details and the longer one studies his work, the more one finds. His earlier work was late night shots documenting various music bands across China, having discovered that musicians make good subjects. Mostly he enjoyed the spontaneity of the photography.

Tang Ting is always looking for new subjects and landscape and to do what he calls photo-collecting and documenting of his life and that of others. A Chinese Youth Lifestyle Photography; half documentary, half set-up, to see more of his work please go to his website.


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