Tuesday 30th August 2016

Shao Fan’s Incredible Chairs.

Shao Fan whose paintings I featured a couple of weeks ago is back on Neon Cactus. His work is beautiful and inventive. His designs take traditional Chinese furniture  and essentially re-design and re-interprets it in modern context. His work deconstructs the boundaries between fine art and design, combining classical Ming wood carving techniques with contemporary design and materials to achieve a harmony symbolic of Chinese cultural evolution.

‘Shao Fan was one of a very few artists who did not pay much attention to this post-1989 mood,‘ Dr Zhang Hongxing says (senior curator at the V&A and organiser of the China Design Now show). ‘He was occupied by a sense of the emergence of great contradictions – old and new, local and global – in a society that was beginning to shift to a free market and a global economy. In his furniture art, the blending of craft and art expresses his anxiety about multiple influences at that time.’



His works can be found at the V & A [London], Metropolitan [New York], Pearl Lam Galleries [Shanghai],  and the Tomioka Museum [Japan] amongst others.

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