Monday 21st August 2017

Shao Fan: an Incurable Classicist

Shao Fan is a painter, sculptor and designer.  He is one of the first Chinese artists to explore and break the boundaries between visual art and design.

Born into a family of artists Shao Fan believes that Eastern and Western cultures are so incompatible that any attempt to integrate them is actually harmful. Shao expresses his eagerness to produce works that are unmistakably “Chinese”. To achieve this result, he adheres to Taoist philosophical thought, “which sees a correspondence between humanity and nature, so that mankind, being entirely assimilated into the cosmos, does not have a privileged position.” In most of his paintings the uniform background allows Shao to detach the subject from any interaction with the surrounding world, or rather he eliminates or reduces the narrative aspect. The intention is to give the impression of the artists feelings rather than the subject in them. This exhibition of ‘an Incurable Classicist’ was show at Pearl Lam Fine Art in Shanghai.


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