Saturday 27th August 2016


Popil has been using art and illustration as a method by which to be independent and free from her family from a very young age. Having always been familiar with the world of work, she has used her talent and entrepreneurial instincts to support herself. You can find a lot of cultural influences in Popils work, she has a fascination with the Shanghainese 1920’s posters, often taking inspiration in the colours that they used – from what Popil calls ‘Vintage China’. There are often small cultural references in her work -goldfish, or old classrooms, ping pong players, smoking ladies, Chinese puppets. As a means to escape from life and her reality, Popil would look to China’s Past and Current images and saw another life; she is constantly trying to capture this. There is always something unexpected to be found in her illustrations – her work has a unique signature, which proudly shows China’s culture, above all she is proving that illustration is an art.

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