Tuesday 30th August 2016

Peter Pilotto Resort 2013

I have always been completely biased towards this duo. Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos manage to create the most incredible prints every single time. This time they went for a more high tech approach creating patterns using a specially-designed computer program, something like a digital. Jonny Lu coded the program that created these prints (he also did their website), Lu said  “I designed the program and then I sat with them for many hours and they kind of curated what we programmed. They would be like ‘I really like this shape or that shape’–it was a long collaborative process.”

The collection is something between sweet schoolgirl and daring fashionista. All of the prints, as always with their clothing lies on the body in the most flattering way imaginable, I am completely obsessed and I am desperate to get my hands onto yet another collection of their work! I hope they never stop…

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