Monday 21st August 2017

Permanent Camping

It is rare that I come across a piece of architecture that I not only want to own but can actually imagine (realistically) owning one day in the future. This beautiful little house on a hill top in central western New South Wales, Australia is the perfect weekend escape for the Sydney-based owners of this house, designed by Casey Brown Architecture.

It was conceived as a retreat for 1 or two people – this is where it becomes a little unrealistic for me – the building has a footprint of 3 x 3m. The owner grew up at the neighboring sheep station and discovered the place as a boy. The location is so isolated that the building was completely prefabricated in Sydney and then transported to the site.

Arrival to the house is only by horseback – where you are greeted with panoramic views for miles on end and nothing but nature. The idea of this, as somebody living in China is heavenly! The copper cladding of the house lifts to show an inviting and warm wooden interior and adds as shelter from the sun during the day and at night acts as a shelter from the bush and the sub-zero temperatures that are common in the area at night.

If there was a place like this that I could go to – I can tell I would spend most of weekends there. I can not think of a more wonderful way to spend my weekends, on horseback and in nature. Permanent Camping.



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