Sunday 28th August 2016

Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller was recently in Shanghai working on a collaboration with Pearl Lam Galleries. Not only is her work incredibly humerous and charming, so is she! She was here in Shanghai working with some of our local craftsmen, working on various pieces for the gallery and in preparation for our attendence at PAD London in October.

Berlin artist Patricia Waller’s crocheted woolen sculptures are handmade art as you’ve never imagined it before — it lures you in with a seeming innocence before you are shaken by what its maker describes as a ‘vicious irony’. Wool — whether crocheted or knitted, is a familiar product that serves to give shelter and warmth to human beings. She says working in her medium is a time consuming process which can often feel at odds with the high speed consumer society we live in. ‘All of my works are handmade and it takes me months to finish a piece.In times of mass production it seems almost a paradox to produce something by hand.’

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