Monday 21st August 2017

Olivia von Halle

My friend Olivia, who I interview for her first collection (see here) has just released another beautiful range of luxury pajamas, styled by the incredibly talented Leaf Greener. For Autumn/Winter 2013 Olivia von Halle was inspired by Shanghai’s time as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ in the hedonistic days of the 1920s. Thrill seekers flocked from all over the world to Shanghai for the wild nightlife and beautiful women.

Shanghai is a city filled with incredible art deco architecture, and Olivia wanted to pay homage to it by doing the shoot at the Peace Hotel, one of Shanghai’s most iconic buildings. The collection itself has a range of looks from silk in opulent jewel tones and art deco inspired prints, which are exclusive to the brand, to more classic pieces which are inspired by Coco Chanel, the kimonos are my personal favorite!


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