Monday 21st August 2017

Oh La La, Lalane

If the perfect relationship equation is 1 + 1 = 3, then Francois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne have made 1 + 1 = an entire universe. Together, their imagination has pushed the boundaries of fine and decorative art and created a fantastical and surreal way of living; their take on the natural world for the home and beyond.

Both sculptors, their focus is different yet complementary. Francois-Xavier´s sculptures are functional animals, a golden gorilla with a safe as its heart or a Rhinoserus whose belly opens into a beautiful leather desk. Claude is more attracted to the plant world, golden branches that hang from the ceiling as a chandelier or simply a rather oversized yet totally charming cabbage perched on chicken legs, to be perfectly perched on your fireplace.

Function aside, the Lalanne´s manage to create a whimsical way of living that has surpassed mere decoration. Whilst their Surrealist contemporaries were busy creating tangible manifestations of the unconscious, the Lalanne´s were turning the bizarre-ness of the human interior into interiors.

Their ever-growing popularity is now being recognized with the most comprehensive retrospective to date at London´s Ben Browne Fine Arts, a most inspiring see. For the Lalanne´s have not only found their other half, but their other art.



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