Monday 21st August 2017

Marios Schwab – a gothic fairytale!

Medieval love happened at London Fashion week yesterday. As you may know Marios Schwab is my all time favorite, having worked for him before and having learnt most of what I know about fashion from him. There is just something about him, his understanding of the female body that makes his designs so successful. I never feel happier more confident about myself and my body than when I am wearing his clothes.

Inspired by ‘the visual art of script and its translation onto the body’ the Elizabethan and Medieval feeling of his collection was something of a gothic fairytale. They came as ethereal, sheer skirts smattered with Swarovski crystals swishing out from structured satin mini-style dresses or sombre, red velvet ones. We must discuss the shoes! A second-season collaboration with Ancient Greek Sandals, gave a us a knee-length Gladiator-style boot that only served to underline a warrior-queen. The question now is which ones to order…



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