Saturday 27th August 2016

Jorge de la Garza

If New York is the lifeblood of the art world, recently eyes have been wondering further south of the US border where the contemporary art pulse seems to be firmly ticking in Mexico City. With the atmosphere of Berlin, before Soho House and cocktails came to stay, the Distrito Federal has been overtaken by a wave of creativity resulting in some promising new faces in town.

Jorge de la Garza is one such face. Recently returned from a five-year stint in London completing his Fine Arts studies at both Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Art, de la Garza works in the medium of collages and sculptural installations. His
time spent in his university library – and surreptitiously stealing pages from its books – has resulted in collages whose imagery is a seamless marriage of different time periods and yet whose final aesthetic is entirely one of today. De la Garza´s work speaks the language of the born in the 1980s¨ generation: a generation whose knowledge of the world is largely derived from media images of it, whilst simultaneously a generation who feels a distinct sense of melancholy for a previous time never personally known.

De la Garza´s sculptural installations are a three-dimensional extension of his collages and are just as thoughtfully assembled. Domestic interiors are mixed with images of outer space; that which we can understand vs. the incomprehensible. Gems and minerals become symbols for something at once frozen in time and yet impermanent in nature.

With shows in both Mexico and Europe coming up, de la Garza is certainly one to watch!

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