Sunday 28th August 2016

James Nizam : Traces Heavens

These images are a result of a series of photographs for an exhibition called ‘Traces Heavens’ by James Nizam. They are the result of a lot of patience on behalf of Nizam. They are large black and white photographs which document light sculptures that he creates in darkened rooms and adds artificial fog to intensify the rays of light. For some of the pieces, for example for Shard of Light (the first image) he harnesses the procession of the sun using jury-rigged setups that capture and manipulate sunlight into sculptural form. The resulting light sculptures establish a correspondence between room and camera as light capturing structures and extends it in time and space to the capture of solar phenomena within ancient astrological observatories such as those at Chaco Canyon or Xochicalco. These pieces are incredible solar recordings which establish poetic connections between the cosmos, photographic apparatuses, architecture, perception and the mind. 

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