Thursday 29th June 2017


Richard Mosse is a photojournalist documenting a wide range of subjects, covering anything from the nomadic rebels in the Congolese jungle (below), to the rusting wreckage of a remote air disaster, and the occupied palaces of Saddam Hussein. However he always displays them in an artist way – at exhibitions and in very large prints sizes.

My favorite series of his work is his INFRA Series from the Congo. He allows us to look to look at a judgement of the Congo through a new light, whilst also highlighting the natural beauty of the countries landscape. The conflict that he shows us is seemingly real yet abstract through his method of presentation. I believe this a very true emotion in terms of humankind looking onto a problem which they can not understand. The surreal quality of these images responds to our human desire to be distracted from trauma at the moment of engagement, to look in but not become engulfed by wars and conflict.


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