Wednesday 31st August 2016

if I ran the zoo, here’s what I’d do…

Today Rebecca one of the Co-Founders of LUX FIX  gives us an update from London on their latest pieces… Lux Fux are the go to place for the latest British fashion pieces, where the host exclusive online pop-up shops. Over to Rebecca now!

Working at LUX FIX is delightful in lots of ways. I get to have coffee with my lovely business partner Alice at least three times a day (sometimes six if it’s a deadline but then we do try to include at least one decaf) and best of all meet some of the most talented designers in London. I also get the chance to fantasise about all the beautiful pieces we stock each week. Barely a one escapes being integrated into my dream wardrobe and styled into fantasy outfits. For Neon Cactus though, I have to choose just a few favourites. It’s been hard but I’ve done it so without further ado, if I ran the zoo, here’s what I’d do…

Velma by Kat Maconie

Corset by Violet’s Box

Saturn Earrings by Lara Bohinc

Lola Cuff by Bex Rox

Rubix ring by Hattie Rickards

Cinderella Be Damned. (Velma by Kat Maconie)

No-one would dream of losing a Velma. The architectural structure, art deco gold lines and crocodile patina of the heel and sole make this a shoe to be admired from all angles. I’d wear these with a leather skirt, diaphanous black silk shirt and a gold collar necklace.

Pull Tight (Corset by Violet’s Box)

Ah the corset! Suprisingly versatile, the dream scenario with this corset would be over jeans and a white shirt for lunch in a dingy bar with the girls somewhere in Paris and then whisked off to the George V for the white shirt to come off and the corset to grace the hotel bar long into the night.

The Classic (Saturn Earrings by Lara Bohinc)

Lara Bohinc’s pieces are so perfectly crafted they gleam as good as new every time they come out of the box. The Saturn earrings in rose gold from her iconic Eclipse collection in would rise to the challenge of making the most mundane outfit look glamourous and en vogue – these would be put on with a navy suit, hair up and put to the test trying to impress potential investors.

Her name was Lola (Lola Cuff by Bex Rox)

Neon Cactus let us count the ways we love bright COLOUR! Or better still let us show the ways with the Fluro Lola Cuff from Bex Rox. Practically solar powered, the colour drenched piece lights up wrist. I like mine with a man’s white shirt, rolled up sleeves and oh so tight dark skinny jeans.

The Big Time  (Rubix ring by Hattie Rickards)

I sometimes go to sleep thinking about the rubix ring by Hattie Rickards. It SPINS for goodness sake – a jeweled toy to delight like the Faberge easter eggs of the Tsar’s court. I’d wear this one with the plainest of black cashmere dresses to set it off, with perfect red lips to kiss whoever bought it for me (she says hopefully – maybe the odds be ever in your favour etc etc).

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