Monday 26th June 2017

Home within a Home within a Home within a Home

Home within a Home within a Home within a Home, which is currently showing at the Museum of Modern Art in Seoul, South Korea. Was built and created by Do Ho Suh, a Korean artist from layers of silk textiles. It contains a traditional Korean home, similar to one that he was raised in. However, the outer layer is a replica of an American building, which was the where he had his first apartment when he moved to Providence, Rhode Island.

Knowing this the title of the piece seems very fitting. Although culturally and architecturally very different buildings and spaces, it truly captures Do Ho Suhs concept of incorporating his various homes within a home. The most beautiful thing about the piece, is that it almost looks like a 3D rendering or photo montage of two building super imposed ontop of each other, a true ghostly feeling. Hopefully, I will make it to Seoul before they take it down.

Showing at the Museum of Modern Art in Seoul until May 2014.


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