Monday 21st August 2017

Hattie Rickards & Alexandra Llewellyn and their travels in Afghanistan

I just got an update from Hattie Rickards who we interviewed a few months ago (see here for the interview). She wrote to me to tell me about her recent adventure in Afganistan:

” Alexandra Llewellyn and I want to tell the story of our recent trip to Afghanistan with Turquoise Mountain to create my jewellery collection and Alexandra’s backgammon board.

My jewellery collection, ‘Looking Through The Oculus’ comprises of 20 pieces made out of 18ct yellow gold plated brass and semi precious stones ranging from £60 – £230 and is available to order now at  The Tulip backgammon board costs £1800 and is also made to order directly from  All profits go to Turquoise Mountain.

We had an extraordinary week and would love to share more about our work and experiences in Afghanistan, but most importantly to spread the word about this amazing institution and it’s inspiring goals.”

I love the collection and the fact that these girls travelled around Afganistan to look at local workshops, giving Afghan designs a contemporary twist. My favorite ring is the last one.


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