Thursday 29th June 2017

Charles Philip Shanghai Pops-up

Charlie is a good friend of mine here in Shanghai and I remember going to his home when we first met and seeing all the cobblers at work where they had set-up shop – banging and gluing away all day. I’ve always been a fan of them and I am slowly gathering quite a collection its amazing to think how far he has come since the days where his shoe production was in his apartment!

Charles Philip Shanghai recently did a collaboration with AREA Living here in Shanghai, a Christmas and Chinese New Year pop-up store. So, when Charlie asked me to do the visual display and design for it I jumped at the chance. It was really fun playing around with piles of shoes and the opening event was a huge success. I’m hoping that we will be able to work together on a few more projects… I’ll keep you updated!

You can buy his shoes here.

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