Thursday 29th June 2017

Brand Sweden

Whilst the Euro-crisis has brought about much talk of German efficiency, it is Sweden that has been quietly climbing up the productivity ladder. Germany may be manufacturing Auto´s but Sweden has produced an entire way of living. This snowed-in country – population 12m – has managed to create an international brand far exceeding its little size. The cliché of tall, blonde swedes has now been extended to tall, blonde, well-dressed swedes who live amongst beautiful design furniture in an all-encompassing minimal aesthetic. And whilst the following brands cant make you blonder or taller they can make you live and breathe the Swedish lifestyle, even if you are not currently breathing Sweden´s freshest of air!

Acne is still the name on most international fashionistas lips – as well as being the jeans on their hips – but it is their main collection that has made fashion editors the world over take note. Somewhere between street and chic, they have defined Swedish fashion. For those who prefer reading about fashion rather than wearing it, the accompanying Acne Paper is a beautifully thought-through bi-annual magazine, both in looks and words.

On the olfactory side of things, Swedish perfume brand Byredo has managed to bottle the essence of Sweden. Clean notes in minimal packaging; et voila! For clean and minimal interiors head no further for inspiration than Emmas Designblogg, dream-like imagery of perfect Scandinavian living.

It is not just brands however, that have done their bit for Sweden´s moment on the international stage. Blogger and Nowmanifest founder Elin Kling and The Last Magazine´s Magnus Berger have been singlehandedly doing more for Sweden´s image abroad/in New York, than any diplomat could ever hope to.

So, as Germany continues to promote austerity of the fiscal kind, Sweden has managed to make the reduced lifestyle much more appealing. Aufwiedersehen Germany, hej hej Stockholm!



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