Saturday 27th August 2016

Arthur Ganson

I have been a fan of Arthur Ganson for quite some years now, I discovered him when I was studying at Cooper Union in New York and his work was of great inspiration to me. He makes these wonderful kinetic sculptures, which are mechanical art demonstrations with existential themes. Ganson describes his work as a cross between mechanical engineering and choreography. The machines are delicately hand-made and although they have quite deep philosophical backing they are often very child-like and the objective of the machine can actually be very simple – such as oiling themselves, or a walking wishbone however often they do not have any machine-like purpose.

Long before making sculpture I dreamed of being a surgeon. The challenge of working so carefully with my hands was satisfied by the creation of very fragile machines. A machine with no utilitarian purpose, this is as close to drawing or painting as I can get. After giving myself a starting point, the machine grew organically. The actions and movement of parts are meaningfully trivial.   - Arthur Ganson

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