Wednesday 24th August 2016

Anne Koch

Anne Koch, the sister of the wonderful Elisabeth Koch is an ultra hip New York based artist. Koch gives us an insight into her world and shares with us some of the film stills from her eat film series, as well as some of her installation works. I will feature her exclusive jewelry works in the next couple of weeks so keep tuned!

What do you do and how did you end up doing it?  I do a lot of things: on the side of my work as a Production Designer for fashion magazine and advertising campaigns, I also create my own wearable sculptures out of precious metals. I have my own line of luxury silk bedding called Anne Koch by Kumi Kookoon, and am expanding this to include wallpaper + home goods. I am a filmmaker and a performance artist, the most recent film showing at Miami Beach Art Basel in December 2011. I can’t really say how I started something as they are all intertwined.  Everything starts with a thought. And then I execute it.

[Anne Koch, above]

What are you working on at the moment? I just finished filming a few of my art performances in India, so am editing these. Designing my Fall/Winter bedding collection, rugs, wallpaper and upholstery. Of course photo shoots are always a constant.

Who are your favorite artists/designers at the moment? I adore + strongly admire Laurie Anderson + Kate Bush ; they really paved the way for performance artists and they deserve credit as such. John Maus is a musical + lyrical prodigy, and to behold him on stage will blow you away. Cindy Sherman. Marina Abromovic. Giorgio Di Chirico is a huge inspiration of mine. As for fashion designers….. My top three current collections are: Celine SS12, Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2012,  + Miguel Androver FW12 .

What makes you laugh? Animals, and people with a wonderful sense of humour + humility.

How would the people who know you best describe you? You should ask them.

Who/What is the love of your life? Sir William Sugarplum, my rescued German Shepherd dog – he was abandoned at the age of six months, he is such a wonderful soul.

Perfect holiday destination? Hm… that depends on my feeling at the time.  Two months ago I was in Canada dogsledding, which was a perfect holiday destination. A few weeks ago I was devouring my experience at Fort Ahilya in Maheshwar, India, in all its full glory. Another perfect holiday destination.

What’s your favorite New York hangout?  I have to say it’s still the Boom Boom Room.  I will never get over the view, the décor is pure decadence, dripping with lust, with just the most perfect lighting. I just take a corner by the fireplace + on champagne bubbles float away…

What annoys you? Smokers, animal cruelty, misleading purposefully.

What is the best advice you’ve received? To follow your heart. Our parents taught us this.

What are your current obsessions? Mylar balloons, masala chai + ikebana!

You can wear three designers for the rest of your life. Who are they? I incorporate quite a few designers into my life daily. I am a collector of Rei Kawakubo’s (Comme des Garçons) work, I love Martin Margiela, Viktor + Rolf, Bernhard Wilhelm. ThreeAsFour have a beautiful philosophy that I resonate toward.

Last fashion disaster? I don’t really have them. I always really like what I wear at the time.

What can we find in your fridge? I eat mostly raw, living foods, so you will always find organic vegetables like celery, arugula + baby lettuces. Occasionally cheese, which I really cannot live without, and organic milk chocolate – probably due to my Dutch genetic-makeup system!

What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you? Wow – what a question! Probably LIFE!  Life really is the most exciting thing to have happened as long as I can properly remember, I mean – we are on one of the most magnificent planets in the whole universe! There are SO many colors + textures, so many different shades of light… so many ideas + shapes to shift…  I can go on + on… we live in a very exciting time!

What is your guilty pleasure?   I don’t consider pleasure guilt.

What’s on your bedside table? I am currently reading ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ by Peter Tompkins + Christopher Bird which is honestly the most amazing documentation + research by scientists in the 1970’s about the emotions given + received by living plants. They know everything about us! Watch out + be kind to them.  And ‘The Way of the Explorer’ by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who journeyed into outer-space on the Apollo and ventured back with an uncommon wisdom of our minds. He is incredible.Those books and a glass of white lilies – their perfume lulls me to sleep.

What do you talk about with your hairdresser? I cut my own hair.

Who do you admire? My incredibly talented brother Bastiaan Koch, who is an Oscar-winning film-maker in San Fransisco, and my beautiful + successful sister Elisabeth Koch who was working a corporate job in Brussels in order to find her real calling as a hat-designer in Beijing! All that + raising two children – I mean… I take my hat off to her.

What can we expect from you next? I am creating an installation and will be performing at the Allegra LaViola Gallery in NYC this summer, and I am continuing to create my short art films, + jewellery, some of which can be seen here. My brother and I are writing a film together that he will direct, and that I will act in. Of course I will continue to production design for fashion photo-shoots throughout – So happily busy!

Balloon installation, 2009

Public art installation “shaped lines” october 2009 NYC (above)

Still from eat (caviar) Monte Carlo, Monaco

Still from eat (pizza) London, England, UK

Still from eat (caviar) Monte Carlo, Monaco

from “eat (egg)” at the Dia Arts Foundation, in Chelsea NYC

Still from eat(apple) Bikaner, India

Still from  eat (ice-cream cone) St. Petersburg, Russia


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